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Music has a powerful ability to shape our tastes and influence our lives. Certain albums have a way of resonating with us on a deep level, leaving a lasting impact that transcends time. 

From the soulful jazz of John Coltrane to the rebellious energy of the Ramones, from the poetic storytelling of Nas to the raw intensity of Black Flag, these albums have left an indelible mark on my musical journey.

Each one carries its own unique sound, message, and emotional resonance, making it an essential part of the tapestry that forms my personal soundtrack. I invite you to join me on a musical journey as we explore the albums that have inspired my own taste in music.

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"A Love Supreme" - John Coltrane


John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” is undeniably a masterpiece, serving as a shining example of the transformative power inherent in music. Released in 1965, this album stands as a testament to Coltrane’s virtuosity and his profound spiritual exploration through his music. From the first mesmerizing notes of “Acknowledgement” to the mesmerizing saxophone solos and improvisational brilliance displayed in tracks like “Resolution,” the album showcases Coltrane’s musical genius and his ability to deeply connect with listeners on an emotional level.

Personally, the impact of “A Love Supreme” was profound. I distinctly recall the sheer captivation I felt upon my initial encounter with this album, as it evoked such profound emotions within me. It served as a revelation, completely transforming my perception of jazz and revealing its potential as a deeply personal and expressive form of musical artistry. Through “A Love Supreme,” Coltrane opened my eyes to the boundless possibilities and spiritual depths that jazz music can explore.

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"Ramones" - Ramones

When it comes to punk rock, the Ramones reign supreme, leaving an indelible mark on the genre with their self-titled debut album. Released in 1976, this seminal record not only revolutionized punk music but also laid the foundation for its raw and energetic sound. With tracks like the iconic “Blitzkrieg Bop” and the rebellious anthem “53&3rd,” the Ramones unleashed a sonic assault that resonated with a generation filled with rebellion and youthful angst.

From the very first note, the Ramones’ debut album captivated my attention. The frenetic guitar riffs, relentless pounding drums, and Joey Ramone’s distinctive vocals formed an irresistible combination. It was an explosive introduction that instantly transported me into a world of unapologetic expression and unbridled energy. The power of their music was undeniable, making it impossible to resist the urge to jump, shout, and let go of inhibitions.


Transitioning from the infectious chants of “Hey! Ho! Let’s go!” in “Blitzkrieg Bop” to the gritty narrative of street life in “53&3rd,” the Ramones created an electrifying atmosphere that embraced the frustrations and desires of a generation. Their music became the rallying cry for those seeking an alternative to the mainstream, offering a haven where individuality and rebellion thrived.

Listening to the Ramones’ debut album was like discovering a hidden door to a secret world. It was an invitation to break free from societal norms, to embrace a sense of liberation, and to express oneself authentically. Their stripped-down approach and unfiltered sound represented a rejection of the polished and overproduced music that dominated the era. It was a call to arms, urging listeners to embrace their true selves and unleash their creativity.

Looking back, the impact of the Ramones’ self-titled album extended far beyond the realm of music. It ignited a fire within me, inspiring me to pursue my own creative endeavors with fearlessness and passion. It taught me that music could be a catalyst for change, a medium through which to challenge conventions and make a meaningful impact.

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"Illmatic" - Nas

Nas’s debut album, “Illmatic,” is a masterpiece of storytelling and poetic lyricism. Released in 1994, it is widely regarded as one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. Nas’s vivid narratives of life in the Queensbridge projects paint a picture of the realities and struggles of inner-city life. Tracks like “NY State of Mind” and “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” showcase Nas’s lyrical prowess and his ability to transport listeners to the streets of New York City. This album was one of the ones that opened my eyes to the power of hip-hop as a medium for social commentary and artistic expression.

"Dinosaur" - Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur Jr.’s self-titled debut album, released in 1985, marked the birth of a band that would become synonymous with alternative rock. With their distinctive blend of heavy guitar riffs, melodic hooks, and emotionally charged lyrics, Dinosaur Jr. carved their own path in the music scene. From the opening track “Forget the Swan” to the epic “Does it Float,” the album showcases their unique sound and undeniable talent.

Transitioning from the raw energy of punk to a more introspective and melodic approach, Dinosaur Jr. crafted a sound that captured the attention of listeners. The guitar wizardry of J Mascis, combined with the infectious basslines of Lou Barlow and the solid drumming of Murph, created a sonic tapestry that was both captivating and dynamic.

Dinosaur Jr.’s debut album presents a captivating journey through their musical prowess. Each track showcases the band’s ability to balance raw energy with melodic sensibilities, creating a sound that resonates with the listener. From the infectious hooks of “Forget the Swan” to the brooding intensity of “The Leper,” the album offers a diverse range of emotions and musical textures.

"The Queen Is Dead" - The Smiths

The Smiths’ “The Queen Is Dead” is an iconic album that defined the indie rock sound of the 1980s. Released in 1986, it is a lyrical and musical tour de force, showcasing Morrissey’s introspective and poetic lyrics, complemented by Johnny Marr’s jangly guitar melodies. From the biting social commentary of “Bigmouth Strikes Again” to the melancholic beauty of “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out,” each track on this album is a testament to The Smiths‘ ability to capture the essence of longing and disaffection. This album played a significant role in shaping my appreciation for introspective and emotive songwriting.

"Damaged" - Black Flag

Black Flag’s “Damaged” stands as a seminal album that not only defined the hardcore punk movement but also left an indelible mark on the landscape of music. Released in 1981, this album serves as a fierce and unapologetic statement of defiance and rebellion. Led by the raw and confrontational vocals of Henry Rollins and fueled by Greg Ginn’s blistering guitar work, “Damaged” unleashes a relentless sonic assault that is both chaotic and cathartic.
Transitioning from the defiant anthems of “Rise Above” to the scathing social critique of “TV Party,” “Damaged” encapsulates the frustration and disillusionment of its time. The album’s unfiltered aggression and raw energy provide an outlet for listeners to channel their own discontent and challenge societal norms. It serves as a rallying cry for those seeking a voice amidst the chaos, a call to rise above the constraints imposed by a flawed system.

“Damaged” not only introduced me to the raw power of punk rock but also revealed the potential of music as a vehicle for social commentary and personal expression. It awakened me to the fact that music has the power to transcend mere entertainment and become a force for change. Black Flag’s uncompromising approach inspired me to embrace my own individuality and speak out against injustice.

In retrospect, “Damaged” remains a testament to Black Flag’s influential role in shaping the hardcore punk movement. Its impact on the music scene is immeasurable, as it laid the foundation for a new wave of bands and continues to inspire generations of musicians. The album’s unrelenting energy, confrontational lyrics, and relentless intensity solidify its place in the pantheon of punk rock.

"Kind of Blue" - Miles Davis

Miles Davis’s “Kind of Blue” is an absolute masterpiece and a landmark album in the history of jazz. Released in 1959, it is a pinnacle of modal jazz and showcases the incredible talent of the musicians involved. The album features luminaries such as John Coltrane, Bill Evans, and Cannonball Adderley, who collectively create a mesmerizing tapestry of improvisation and soulful melodies. Tracks like “So What” and “Blue in Green” transport listeners to a world of tranquility and introspection. When I first immersed myself in the enchanting sounds of “Kind of Blue,” I was captivated by the sheer beauty and emotional depth that jazz music could convey.

"Unfun" - Jawbreaker

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Jawbreaker’s “Unfun” is a remarkable album that has stood the test of time, firmly establishing itself as a cornerstone of the emo-punk genre. Released in 1990, it remains a powerful testament to the band’s raw talent and lyrical depth.

From the opening chords of “Want” to the closing notes of “Down,” “Unfun” takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster. The album’s blend of driving guitar riffs, propulsive drums, and introspective lyrics creates a sonic landscape that perfectly captures the angst and vulnerability of youth.

Personally, “Unfun” holds a special place in my heart. I distinctly remember discovering this album during my formative years, and it immediately struck a chord with me. As a young adult navigating the ups and downs of life, the raw honesty of Jawbreaker’s music provided solace and a sense of belonging.

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"Moment of Truth" - Gang Starr

Gang Starr’s “Moment of Truth” is a hip-hop masterpiece that epitomizes the golden era of the genre. Released in 1998, it combines Guru’s insightful and thought-provoking lyrics with DJ Premier’s impeccable production. The album delves into personal introspection, societal issues, and the pursuit of authenticity. Tracks like “Work” and “Above the Clouds” showcase the duo’s chemistry and ability to craft intelligent and meaningful hip-hop. “Moment of Truth” holds a special place in my heart as it introduced me to the power of conscious rap and the art of storytelling within the genre.

"Paul's Boutique" - Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys’ “Paul’s Boutique” stands as a groundbreaking hip-hop album that shattered conventions and redefined the genre’s possibilities. Released in 1989, it marked a significant departure from their earlier hardcore punk sound while maintaining their rebellious punk roots. “Paul’s Boutique” was initially met with commercial disappointment upon its release in 1989. However, over the past 30 years, it has emerged as one of the most revered and influential hip-hop albums of all time. Its critical acclaim and enduring popularity have solidified its status as a true masterpiece.

Transitioning from their punk origins, the Beastie Boys embraced hip-hop with an unmatched creative fervor. “Paul’s Boutique” is a testament to their growth as artists, as they fearlessly delved into sampling and production techniques that were ahead of their time. The album’s dense layers of samples, carefully curated from a wide range of genres, create a kaleidoscope of sound that is both innovative and nostalgic.

Tracks like “Shake Your Rump” and “Hey Ladies” exemplify the Beastie Boys‘ evolution as they seamlessly blend funky beats, clever wordplay, and infectious energy. The album’s irreverent humor and playful energy showcase their ability to have fun while pushing the boundaries of what hip-hop can be.

“Paul’s Boutique” was a game-changer for me personally. It opened my eyes to the art of sampling, highlighting the transformative power of combining different musical elements to create something entirely new. The Beastie Boys’ fearless experimentation inspired me to explore the boundaries of my own creativity and embrace the notion that genres should never be limiting factors.

While the Beastie Boys moved away from their punk roots, they stayed true to the spirit of rebellion and individuality that defined punk music. “Paul’s Boutique” is a testament to their refusal to conform to expectations, forging their own path and leaving an indelible mark on the hip-hop landscape.

You can find “Paul’s Boutique” on Amazon.

"Living in Darkness" - Agent Orange

Agent Orange’s “Living in Darkness” is a seminal album that melds punk rock with surf rock influences. Released in 1981, it is characterized by its fast-paced guitar riffs, driving rhythms, and catchy melodies. Tracks like “Bloodstains” and “Everything Turns Grey” embody the band’s unique blend of aggressive punk and melodic surf vibes. Discovering “Living in Darkness” opened my eyes to the cross-genre possibilities in music and expanded my appreciation for the diverse range of influences that can shape a sound.

"13 Songs" - Fugazi

Fugazi’s “13 Songs” is an iconic album that embodies the essence of punk rock and serves as a testament to the band’s uncompromising ethos. Released in 1989, it remains a groundbreaking and influential work that continues to resonate with fans of all generations.

From the opening chords of “Waiting Room” to the closing notes of “Margin Walker,” “13 Songs” captivates listeners with its raw energy, thought-provoking lyrics, and innovative song structures. Fugazi’s unique blend of punk, post-hardcore, and alternative rock creates a sonic landscape that is both aggressive and introspective.

“13 Songs” holds a special place in my musical journey. I vividly recall discovering the album during my formative years and being immediately drawn to its raw and unapologetic sound. Fugazi’s DIY approach, fueled by their refusal to compromise their principles, resonated deeply with me. The band’s commitment to maintaining affordable ticket prices and their staunch opposition to corporate influence set them apart from their contemporaries and solidified their status as pioneers of the underground punk scene.

Honourable Mentions

  1. The Stooges’ – Raw Power is a raw and powerful album that defined the sound of proto-punk.
  2. Minor Threat – self-titled album is a hardcore punk classic, filled with blistering energy and anthemic lyrics.
  3. Jon Kennedy – Take my drum to England showcases his unique blend of trip-hop and downtempo beats.
  4. The Cure – Seventeen Seconds is a moody and atmospheric post-punk masterpiece.
  5. Wu-Tang Clan – Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) revolutionized hip-hop with its gritty lyrics and innovative production.
  6. Link Wray – Rumble is a groundbreaking instrumental rock track that influenced generations of musicians.
  7. Norma Tanega – Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog is a folk-pop gem with catchy melodies and playful lyrics.
  8. Youth of Today – Break Down the walls is a hardcore punk album with a positive and empowering message.
  9. Sly and the Family Stone’s – Trip to your heart is a funky and soulful journey through infectious grooves.
  10. Siouxsie and the Banshees – Juju is a dark and atmospheric post-punk album with haunting vocals.
  11. Eric B & Rakim – Paid in Full is a landmark hip-hop album with groundbreaking rhymes and innovative production.
  12. Fatboy Slim – You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby is a dance music masterpiece filled with catchy hooks and infectious beats.
  13. Souls Of Mischief – 93 ‘Til Infinity is a classic hip-hop album that showcases the group’s lyrical prowess and smooth production.
  14. Quantic – The 5th Exotic is a genre-blending album that fuses elements of jazz, funk, and electronic music.
  15. Jo Jones – Jo Jones Special is a jazz album that highlights Jones’ impeccable drumming skills and swinging rhythms.
  16. Chet Baker – Chet Baker Sings is a timeless jazz vocal album that showcases Baker’s smooth and emotive voice.
  17. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Bravery, Repetition, and Noise is a psychedelic rock album filled with atmospheric sounds and hypnotic melodies.
  18. Fu Manchu – The Action Is Go is a stoner rock album that delivers heavy riffs and a dose of infectious grooves.
  19. Slick Rick – The Great Adventures of Slick Rick is a classic hip-hop album with storytelling lyrics and memorable beats.
  20. Shocking Blue – Scorpio’s Dance is a psychedelic rock album with catchy melodies and a unique sound.
These albums represent a diverse range of genres and eras, each making a significant impact on the music landscape in their own unique way. Whether it’s the raw power of punk, the innovative production techniques of hip-hop, or the infectious melodies of pop, these albums have stood the test of time and continue to inspire and captivate listeners.

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Music has an incredible ability to shape our tastes, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impact on our lives. The albums mentioned above have played a significant role in shaping my own musical journey, from the soulful jazz of John Coltrane to the rebellious energy of the Ramones, from the poetic storytelling of Nas to the raw intensity of Black Flag. Each album represents a unique experience and a glimpse into the transformative power of music.

As we conclude this musical journey through time and genre, I invite you to explore these albums and discover the magic they hold. Let the melodies, lyrics, and emotions guide you on your own personal exploration of music. Whether you find solace, inspiration, or sheer enjoyment in these albums, may they ignite a passion for music and continue to shape your own musical taste for years to come.

Final words

It has been a pleasure sharing one of my favorite artists who has inspired my music taste. I hope that my list has inspired you to discover new music or rediscover forgotten genres. Previously we have touched on the topic Pedal to the Metal: How to Conquer the Century Ride which I highly recommend if you want to make those 100km a reality!

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