Lately have been thinking about how I usually put so many goals in a year that becomes impossible to accomplish (eg. “A” this blog). It’s no secret that I’m a person who has a lot of hobbies but every other hobby that is a lower priority would be put on the side. This is what happened with this blog.

Since the end of February, I haven’t done any posts.

Where the Hell Have You Been

Boats in Venetian port (Heraklion)
March – April

It would be hard now to type what happened in the last 8 months but we will touch on a few things. While reading my notes from March I can see that I was sticking to my goals. Cycling every day, eating healthy, doing some photography, playing music, and so on… I’ve purchased from Japan a new medium format camera FUJI GS645S. In near future, I will do a review of this camera.

Welcome to the JUG2

Then unfortunate COVID-19 came in. I was almost a whole month of April sick and couldn’t breathe properly. My hobbies and job went on the side. Covid thankfully went okay and I traveled back to Croatia to work and travel.

May – June

Beginning of May I got a second-hand Super 8mm camera (Canon 514XLS) for $30. Every year in my hometown Osijek they organize a festival called Craft Beer Festival which brings local and domestic craft breweries into our city.

Me and friend
Testing out new Kodak Gold 200 on Fuji GS645S
Dat Medium Format Look

End of May and begging of June I went with my best friend to Greece and Italy. Our first stop was Thessaloniki, Greece where we spent two days eating great food and enjoying the city. We always like to finish the last days of our trip in some pretty spot, watching the sunset and drinking local beer which we did.

On the second stop, we went to Heraklion, Crete. Nice place if you would like to rest from everyday problems. I love the food, nature, and beach but the nightlife was so-so. We might be in the wrong month visiting Crete but it was really quiet after 11 pm. The most thing I liked with Crete was that locals-only make food that is produced on the island. I’m a big supporter of this.

Heraklion, Crete
Karteros Beach
Send me da dolla!
Venetian Port
Karteros Beach
Beautiful Sunset

Then a great trip started to become a nightmare. We were so tired after we arrived in Bologna than in Florence. I don’t remember the last time feeling so tired and burned out on the trip. To understand, traveling is one of my biggest passion but it turned out in nightmare. I’m not anymore 20y old and this thought me to slow down in my early 30s.

Kodak Gold 200

Tbh I really don’t remember much of Florence. The things I remember are cycling around the town, visiting the famous bridge “Ponte Vecchio” and seeing beautiful streets and churches but the most thing I liked about Florence was Bistecca Alla Fiorentina and their famous sandwiches with salami on a loaf of bread without salt. I really don’t remember the exact names of the sandwiches but if you google I’m pretty sure you could easily find this sandwich.

Ponte Vecchio

After Florence, we went to Rome by train. I remember seeing a video about how much the Italian railway improved in the last decade. The train was going 256km/h. Can you imagine that?!? Like Barcelona, Rome is at the top of the list of cities to visit in Europe. Unfortunately like above we were so burned out that I couldn’t enjoy this trip.

I could say a lot about this trip but it’s clear that is taking so much space from this post and let’s move to another topic.

June – July – August
Pannonian Challenge
Inline finalist ( Pannonian Challenge)

After 9 years I was able to see the extreme sports festival Pannonian Challenge in Osijek. This festival is one of the biggest in Europe when it comes to extreme sports. Due to my work, I couldn’t attend every day but I’ve seen finals in Inline skates and BMX. The music part was mediocre. I liked the DJs that were playing on Thursday but other than that nothing special.

In July I was back in Dublin. From July – August nothing special happened. I’ve been to a couple of shows like Idlewild, Gorillaz, and Kurt Vile.


Then I got really sick which lead me to the hospital. I’m not really in the mood to talk about this, but this sickness caused me to cancel my trip to NYC. Unfortunately, the time spent planning the trip was for nothing. I started to feel depressed which happened just before my 31st birthday.

For the last 5 weeks, I took hiatus from everything and took a rest from everything, and now we are here. Yes, I’m fine atm.

What are your plans?


I’m still planning to stick with my main goals like cycling and eating healthy. I would like to deep-dive more into film photography and finally start earning money from it. Also, I need to touch on the issues of why Instagram is destroying the film/digital community. This will be a definitely topic soon.

I’m also thinking to do a weekly to bi-weekly topic like Whatcha Doin?

Here in Whatcha Doin? I’m thinking to write and explore topics on:

  • My favorite social media accounts
  • What I learned new and watched past week
  • Music
  • Food and Restaurants
  • Cyclo Photography
  • Gadgets and Products

…. and much more!

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If you came to the end of this post here are some things that I listen to, read, and followed lately:

  1. tomdnyc – is a comedian, actor, writer, and tour guide. NYC history expert Tom Delgado will teach you interesting things and facts about NYC and more.
  2. Nick Carver – is a fine art landscape photographer and YouTuber who shoots mostly on film. Nick also has a YT channel that he has been contributing to the analog community for over 9 years.
  3. Terry B – filmmaker currently living in Brooklyn, New York. His YouTube channel is a place where his love for cycling and filmmaking have come together.
  4. Pushing Film – film photographer from Melbourne, Australia who spreads his passion for shooting film through regular informative videos including interviews, guides, and reviews.
  5. Here are the top songs listened to this month:

    a) Nicky Dowling – Harlem Spills
    b) Anti Otpad – Another Hole In My life
    c) Jon Kennedy – East is East
    d) Dead Moon – Walking on my grave
    e) Nice & Smooth – Sometimes I rhyme slow
    f) M. Craft – I got nobody waiting for me

If you managed to read until the end I want to thank you for taking the time to read this post and for supporting this website as always
Stay Curious!