Welcome to Analog Dayz and my first blog post. I’m Ivan Kristić, a photographer, freelance writer, cyclist, adventurer, and professional dreamer.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the ongoing pandemic took a toll on everyone, including myself. This prompted me to rethink how I plan on moving forward in my life.

Thus, I came up with the idea of creating a website. 

As someone who has a variety of hobbies, I wanted to share my stories, knowledge and experiences on one website. It made all sense to me.

In January 2022 I finally pulled the trigger and created Analog Dayz.

Before I start rambling about this blog, I would like to introduce myself.

“He who is brave is free”


Who am I?


I was born in Osijek, Croatia, where I spent most of my life. From the early days as far as I can remember, I was always a curious person and looking for a new adventure.

During my early adolescence, I discovered punk/rock music, which I was into it until I was 18. Back then I had a successful music blog, played in a hardcore punk band, had a mohawk, all the norms of this genre.

In this time, I gained a passion for travel, music, skateboarding, and many other things.

After these rebellious times were over, I felt lost. What should I do with my life? I was not any more interested in this lifestyle, and then cycling and travelling came into my life.

But Ivan, you said that punk/rock inspired you to travel? Yes, this is true, but I was looking for something deeper than concerts and festivals.

As part of my new journey, I’ve quit smoking cigarettes, began working out, discovered the power of spirituality and new ways of travelling.

Since photography is one of the main topics on this blog, I was always surrounded by people who were shooting digital or film photography. However, until 2012 I didn’t show any interest in it.

“Even if you don’t understand something right away sometimes, if there are some little part of your brain that says there’s something healthy here.”

John Frusciante

In the summer of 2014, I’ve packed my stuff and moved to Ireland. Since then, I have cycled over 20000 km, visited 17 countries, met amazing people and much more.

I currently live in Dublin, Ireland, working for a big social media company.

My Mission

Analog dayz logo

Analog Dayz is a personal blog dedicated to curious and misfits in search of that “non-competitive pace

The main goal of this blog is to find and grow a community of like-minded people.

Additionally, I will discuss product reviews, storytelling, recommendations, giveaways for Analog Dayz readers, and my personal top lists for each category.

Last but not least, Analog Dayz is a place for exploration of topics such as:

– Traveling
– Photography
– Cycling
– Product reviews
– Storytelling

…. and much more!

Why Should You Read This Blog?

We all came across the competitive communities and overwhelming content that is daily published online.

This kept me away from reading some content or joining communities.

The pandemic led me to re-think what kind of value I can bring to this world, and the idea of creating a blog was born.

The main purpose of creating this website was a desire to share my knowledge/experience and build a like-minded community.

Our goal is for every topic shared here to be interesting, fun and easily readable for everyone. For updates on all new posts on the blog, I recommend signing up for our newsletter.

Here we like to go slow pace.

I hope that you will join me on our mutual Analog Dayz journey!

Stay Curious!