There is something about vinyls that makes them stand out from the digital music we consume today, creating a unique listening experience that connects us to the music in a way that digital music simply cannot replicate. The texture, the sound quality, and the thrill of the hunt for the perfect album – it’s all part of the analog experience.

As vinyl continues to make a comeback, record shops are popping up all over the world, providing a space for music enthusiasts to browse, discover, and connect with like-minded individuals. Dublin, Ireland, is no exception to this trend, with its lively music scene and a large selection of record stores.

In this blog post, I’ll take you on a journey through three of Dublin’s record shops – Freebird Records, Spindizzy Records, and Tower Records – as I search for new additions to my vinyl collection. Before I begin my story about searching for vinyl records, let me take you down memory lane to share my love of music and why I started collecting vinyls.

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The Sound of Vinyl: My Journey into Collecting"


As a teenager, I have vivid memories of watching old school skateboard videos such as Blind – Video Days Mark Gonzales part and Stereo Skateboards – A Visual Sound Jason Lee part. These videos often featured iconic jazz artists in the skateboarders’ parts, creating a unique blend of skateboarding and jazz. It’s no wonder that as an adult, I became attracted to analog sound.

Jason Lee (Left) and Mark Gonzales (Right)

I’ve always been drawn to good music, but I never fully understood the appeal of vinyl records until I saw my friend Igor’s collection (You should definitely check him) out on Instagram. He had been collecting vinyls for a couple of years, and his passion for the medium was contagious. At his constant persuasion, I finally decided to invest in a record player. I was in for a treat when I first put on The Smiths and the needle began to play. The sound was so warm and rich, and I could hear details in the music that I had never noticed before. From that moment on, I was hooked.

But it wasn’t just the sound of vinyl that drew me in; it was also the sense of community that came with it. Whenever I went to a record store, I would strike up conversations with other music lovers and share recommendations for new artists and albums to listen to. It was a bonding experience that I had never quite found with digital music.

Gunning for the Perfect Vinyl Record

As a music lover, I felt like something was missing from my collection. Digital music just didn’t give me the same connection to the music as holding a physical copy of an album. So, I decided to start browsing record shops for vinyl records.

I spent the month of March visiting various record shops around Dublin. It was an adventure in itself to browse through rows of records, flipping through them with care, until I found that one gem that I had been searching for. I was amazed by the variety of records available, from classic punk rock to indie and everything in between.

Thrifting for vinyl records wasn’t just about acquiring physical copies of my favorite albums, it was about rediscovering the joy of music and connecting with a community of like-minded individuals who shared my passion for analog sound. In the end, I found myself drawn to the crackling sound of the needle and the warmth of the analog sound.

Browsing record shops for vinyl records was more than just a hobby for me; it was a meditative experience that brought a sense of peace and tranquility to my life. Holding vinyls in my hands, feeling the textures and examining the artwork, was a form of therapy that I found incredibly therapeutic. The experience of thrifting for vinyl records is truly magical, and I can’t wait to continue adding more vinyls to my collection.

The Sound of Vinyl: My Journey into Collecting"

I always make sure to check out local record stores. Recently, I visited some of Dublin’s most renowned record shops – Freebird Records, Spindizzy Records, and Tower Records. Equipped with a list of albums that I have been searching for, I set out to explore the city’s record shops, hoping to add some new gems to my vinyl collection.

I started my record shopping journey at Freebird Records, a small independent store located in the heart of the city. As I walked in, I was greeted by rows upon rows of vinyl records, ranging from punk and metal to soul and jazz. The atmosphere was cozy and intimate, and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I spent a good couple of hours browsing through their collection, looking for hidden gems that I could add to my collection. In the end, I walked out with a Naked Raygun record, A Tribe Called Quest album, and Brian Jonestown Massacre record – all of which I had been searching for.

My next stop was Spindizzy Records, another independent store located inside of the George St. Arcade. The store was smaller than Freebird Records, but it had a great selection of new and used vinyl records. As I made my way through the racks, I stumbled upon a copy of Jawbreaker’s Unfun – an album that I had been looking for for years. I also found a few other records that caught my eye, but Jawbreaker’s album was the highlight of my visit to Spindizzy.

The final stop on my record shopping journey was Tower Records, a three-story record store located on Dawson Street. As I walked in, I was greeted by a wall of sound – the store was bustling with activity, with people flipping through records and CDs, and music blasting through the speakers. The store had a wide selection of vinyl records, CDs, DVDs. After a few minutes of browsing, I found a Mac DeMarco record that I was excited to take my new additions home and listen to them on my Audio Technica turntable, adding them to my ever-growing collection of vinyl records.

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After my amazing experience shopping for vinyl records in Dublin, I can confidently say that visiting local record stores is a must-do for any music lover. Not only do these shops offer a vast selection of vinyl records, but they also provide a unique atmosphere and a chance to explore new sounds.

Freebird Records, Spindizzy Records, and Tower Records each had their own charm, making my journey through them all the more enjoyable. From the cozy and intimate atmosphere of Freebird to the bustling energy of Tower Records, each store provided a different experience that allowed me to discover hidden gems and add them to my collection.

If you find yourself in Dublin, I highly recommend checking out these record shops. You never know what amazing record you might stumble upon. And even if you don’t find what you’re looking for, the atmosphere and energy of these stores alone make them worth the visit.

In the end, my journey through these record shops solidified my love for vinyl records and the thrill of the hunt for hidden gems. I can’t wait for my next record shopping adventure, wherever it may take me.

Final words

It has been a pleasure sharing my first storytime post about buying vinyl records around Dublin. I hope my experience has inspired other vinyl collectors to explore the city’s various record shops and discover some hidden gems. Previously we have touched on the topic “Lessons from Failing to Cycle 9000km” and why it is important to learn from your failures.

As always, I am eager to hear your feedback and suggestions for future topics to discuss. Feel free to reach out to me through the contact form or in the comments section below.

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Folks keep digging for those hidden gems because collecting vinyls will always be cool.

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